Students look forward to summer travels

By: Angelique Taylor

Many students here in Bellbrook High School are excited to step away from ACTs and SATs and to sit back and relax. Currently, covid numbers are low (but rising in some areas) and travel restrictions are lifting in the U.S.

The possibilities of covid rising again are inevitable with variants of Omicron strains. According to Yale Medicine, “COVID-19 has moved at a rapid pace in the past several months. Last fall, not long after the Delta variant moved past its peak and people started to prepare for Thanksgiving, Omicron surfaced and began to spread like wildfire. The good news was that the new variant caused less severe illness and death than Delta. But it was also highly transmissible—more contagious than any variant that came before it.” As people move across the country, they should be aware of the covid numbers in the area they plan to visit and take the necessary precautions if they want to limit infection.

Sophomore Paige Bourquin is spending her July 4th on Lake Erie. She said, “My grandfather lives on a lake house and we do 4th of July parades yearly.” She is looking forward to relaxing and watching fireworks. She is not concerned about covid for this vacation. Sophomore Reagan Morrow will spend early June in West Virginia camping. She said, “I like the idea of making s’mores. I like hiking, trials, riding my bike that I don’t own.” 


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