BHS students reflect on their school experience and mental health

By: Audrey Cable

Junior Bella Vaughn has a full school day of AP and college classes which all bring stress to her life.

Mental health is a regular conversation among experts and students alike. According to the CDC, 20% of students seriously considered suicide while 9% of students actually attempted to commit suicide during the pandemic. People wonder what schools can do to help improve the mental health of its students rather than impact it negatively.

Senior Eve Jamilkowski stated that she would want students to have more freedom at school, like being able to leave for lunch or leave early if they have a last period study hall, regardless of seniority. Jamilkowski said that “because of the strictness of leaving, school feels like a prison” which depletes students’ mental health. 

English teacher Ms. Bills-Tenney stated that she has seen a lot of students struggle with stress and anxiety when it comes to school work. She said that students who struggle with social anxiety have a harder time when it comes to group projects and individual presentations. Bills-Tenney said, “If I could, I would add more breaks and have less classes during a school day” to allow students the time to process their learning and regulate their emotions.

Students said if they were to change something about school to improve mental health it would be to have less work and homework. Students say that the large amount of work that they are assigned causes them to stress out. Most of the students said that they were overworked and needed a break or less work. Many students feel tired and are struggling with depression and/or anxiety. They want fewer classes in a school day.

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression or thoughts of suicide, please confide in a trusted adult or call the suicide hotline at 988. Find more information here:


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