Three Tips to Increase Productivity

by Emma Forshee

For many, the prospect of completing a task list is daunting. However, organization and productivity are not out of your reach. With these three tips and tricks from the experts in organization, you will find yourself excelling in productivity in no time. 

1 Write it down. Grace Krane, a senior at Bellbrook high school, says, “Take the time to write down what homework you have [and] any upcoming tests and start working on them whenever you have free time.” Writing down all assignments and other important tasks is a great way to stay organized and can help you to remember everything that needs to be done. 

2 Avoid procrastination. Waiting to complete homework and other tasks until the last minute often causes unnecessary stress and anxiety. Increase your productivity at school, work, and home by completing the tasks on your to-do list as early as possible. 

3 Stay positive. Don’t get intimidated by your task list. Complete one task at a time and allow yourself to feel proud after every one is completed. “The positive energy that I feel when I get to cross something off of my agenda encourages me to continue working and [to] stay productive,” Krane says. Using positive affirmations after every task encourages you to keep going and to stay productive. 

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