Bellbrook Cheerleading start stunting

By Juliana Packard

Bellbrook High School varsity cheer teams have started stunting after many years of trying to start. Bellbrook high school senior varsity cheerleader Madi Miller said, “Stunting really gets the crowd going and ready to win the game.” Miller is a senior who does not stunt; however, she enjoys watching the student section’s reaction to the stunts. Miller spoke about how initially she was not excited to start something new her senior year, but now it makes the games more exciting. New coach and Bellbrook teacher Ms. Colarusso said, “The girls are excited to be stunting because it is neat to see them from the crowd perspective! Head coach Jessica Riggs and I are especially excited to have the girls stunt because of the amount of trust needed. It’s been great to see the girls working together and communicating in order to make the stunt work.” 

Bellbrook High School junior Addie Kosins stunting at the Franklin football game.

Senior Kirsten Thomas attends football games and truly enjoys watching the stunts. Thomas said, “It really gets me excited to watch the game.” Kirsten Thomas is a regular in the student section. She loves going to support the football team. She loves the atmosphere, and the stunting of the cheerleaders makes the atmosphere ten times better. 

At the game against Franklin, Emma Kosins, Addie Kosins, and Callie Barker were flying while Chloe Terrell and others were on base. Coach Jolene Terrell is incredibly proud of her cheerleaders. While the cheerleaders were leading cheers for the student section, the crowd was waiting for the big moment. The excited yells from not only the student section but the whole crowd triumphed. The stunting from the Bellbrook Cheer squad has created a more involved student section and more involved crowds.


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