Turn your bath time into a spa experience with herbs

By Madi Miller

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Create a spa in your very own bathtub! Herb baths are a great way to implement skin soothing, mental and physical rejuvenation. There are many herbs with different benefits to choose from. Once you expand your knowledge on this topic, you won’t want to dip into a boring plain bath again. This ritual will connect you to your higher self by deepening your appreciation for yourself using self-care. 

Today, people push themselves aside more and more as other priorities in their life emerge. In ancient times, people prided themselves on their self care. Cleopatra bathed with rose petals which create the ultimate luxurious experience with their delicate colors and aroma. Hippocrates adapted the Egyptian practice of using water as a therapy, called hydrotherapy. The Romans really launched this idea. Implementing herbs made them feel fancy and celebrated. Now, we’ve made it easy to practice this self care ritual by creating pre-packaged herb baths and bath teas. 

Examples of natural ingredients to make a bath tea for yourself include:

-Milky oats soothe itchy skin. 

-Chamomile is relaxing and calming, soothes sensitive skin, and reduces redness, scars, and marks.

-Rose petal elevates the experience with visual elements and fragrance. 

-Calendula is a superherb loaded with benefits. It creates supple nourished skin, protection against free radicals which promotes signs of aging, heals wounds, and plumps the skin for a firm appearance.

-Lavender improves sleep, reduces anxiety, has calming effects, and antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that promote hygiene. 

-Cornflower soothes muscle aches and muscle strain.

There are different types of baths you can create, depending on your circumstance.

FOR A RESPIRATORY BATH, combine thyme and lavender.

FOR A SKIN SOOTHING BATH, use plantain and calendula.

FOR A CALMING BATH, pour in some chamomile and lavender. 

TO DO SOME MOOD BOOSTING, add thyme, rosemary, lavender, and lemon balm to your bath.

To make a bath tea, take one cup of your chosen dried herbs and pour hot water over them to steep for 20 minutes. After you steep, they are fully ready for your bath! To make it easier, you could just plop them right into your hot bath water and enjoy them that way as well.

**If you are allergic to any ingredients, bathing in them is not recommended.


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