Festival season continues with Spring Valley Potato Fest

By: Kirsten Thomas

October 1-2 was the Potato Festival in Spring Valley. Hundreds of people visited over the course of two days. The festival took place in Blendose Park, about a 10 minute drive south of the high school, off route 725. Cars parked in an empty field adjacent to the park, and there was a $5 parking fee.  

A combination of music from booths was drowned out by live performances. Local artists covered popular country music. There was a lot of Lynyrd Skynyrd. 

Nearly 100 vendors participated, and the combination of booths along the street was eclectic. Adjacent to the largest tent there, a tie-dye potato vendor from Virginia, representatives from the NRA attempted to recruit members. Next to them, a booth playing music was selling crystals and magic supplies. Further down, artisans sold woodworking projects and locally sourced honey, while tents from the Republican and Democratic party registered people to vote. Shake-up and slushie vendors were extremely prevalent despite the festival being about potatoes. They were very persistent in yelling at passersby. 

Activities included,  potato putt-putt and a mashed potato eating contest. Early Saturday morning, there was a 5k race, known as the “Tater Trot,” which took place on the Little Miami Scenic Trail. Winners received potato prizes.

Waynesville will host its annual Sauerkraut Festival next weekend, on October 9. Information can be found here: https://www.ohioslargestplayground.com/events/52nd-ohio-sauerkraut-festival/


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