OPINION: How to be funny

A correct opinion by Jacob Grismer and Riley Hodges

Before one learns how to be funny, it is important to know exactly what “funny” means. Oxford Languages defines “funny” as “causing laughter or amusement; humorous.” This means that being funny means you make people laugh or feel amused. 

But many struggle with being funny since it depends so much on others’ reactions. Therefore, the two funniest people in journalism teamed up to give our best advice for you unfunny fellas. 

Practice makes stupid

Be as predictable as possible, so when you aren’t, you’re the laugh of everyone around you.

Be attentive as possible to everyone’s response to your humor and assume the worst so you get better. 

Only try jokes once. Humor is meant to be spontaneous, and you either have it or you don’t.

Practice ignoring your morals to have funny stories to tell.

Good observation is at the heart of being a snobby intellectual so stay oblivious. Trust me.

Surround yourself with unfunny people

Everyone always says to surround yourself with people that you want to be like, and let me tell you, you want to be unfunny. It’s the funniest thing you can be.

Bonus, you’ll also be the funniest person there.  

Criticize as many people as possible and never yourself. People only laugh when they feel uncomfortable so strive to keep as many people as uncomfortable as possible.                 

Go to therapy

Continue building your self-doubt by using your therapist to comment on everything you’ve done wrong.

Learning more about yourself and what makes you laugh gives a key insight to what everyone else doesn’t like, so don’t use that. 

More specific tips

Reference as many war crimes as possible. 

Reference niche movie lines. Proceed to get really mad when people don’t recognize the reference. 

Force laughs all the time. Laughing is contagious. 

Anytime you get hurt, over-exaggerate to a obnoxious level (pain = funny).

Sources we didn’t use (that are actually scientific and informative)

The Science of Comedy

Wikipedia “Laughter”

Heart Palpitations from The Mayo Clinic


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