Original Wednesday Addams actor passes away

By Adia Miller

On January 28, the original Wednesday actress from the 1963 black-and-white Addams Family sitcom passed away. After a three-day stay in the hospital due to complications with a stroke, all of which was spent unconscious and on life support, her family elected to let her go peacefully at the age of 64.

At six years old, Lisa Loring picked up the mantle of what is now one of the most popular characters in pop culture. Pulled from the Charles Addams New Yorker comic series about a genuinely loving family with a fondness for the macabre, the girl would be given an unforgettable name and a sweeter demeanor than any other depiction would hold her to, endearing her to the world in just two short seasons.

Aside from a good-natured role in the TV series Fantasy Island, most of Loring’s work remained largely in the darker genres, like the mystery series Barnaby Jones, and her most recent work in the 2015 comedy-horror Doctor Spine.

Wednesday remains to be Loring’s crowning success as an actor. She even took up her original role in the 1977 Addams Family movie alongside other original Addams Family cast members such as John Astin (Gomez) and Carolyn Jones (Morticia).

With the 2022 Wednesday Netflix TV series starring Jenna Ortega bringing another round of popularity to The Addams Family’s many incarnations, fans new and old went to social media to mourn the fallen star and share their appreciation for the woman who made Wednesday more than a 2-D pencil drawing.

At this point in time, the only main cast member from the 1960’s show still alive is Gomez actor, John Astin, who is yet to comment on Loring’s tragic passing, but fellow Wednesday actors Christina Ricci and Jenna Ortega thanked the actress for helping create this character that would change their lives. Eddie Munster actor Butch Patrick also shared his sorrow of his long-time friend’s passing, saying that it wasn’t unexpected, and above all else he’s just glad she’s in a better place.

Loring is survived by her daughters Vanessa Ann Foumberg, Marianne Keller, and two grandchildren.


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