Bellbrook offers yummy local eats

By: Tommy Dickman

The Blueberry Café’s friendly entrance is located between Knot Your Average Massage and The Bellbrook Dance Academy

Bellbrook, Ohio isn’t known for its local gastronomy, but maybe it should be. No matter what you are craving, you can find something to satisfy right in our downtown.

BellHop Café

Most folks go to the Dairy Shed when looking for something cold to eat. But when they are closed from October to March, look to the BellHop café for your frozen and hot drinks. The café offers assorted hot coffees as well as smoothies and milkshakes. If you want something quick to eat, you can also find pastries, soups and paninis. In the evenings of the first and third Friday of every month, they invite musicians to play. At these performances genres can range from bluegrass to open mic nights. 

The Blue Berry Café

The second café on this list is full service as well as take-out. Every week they post on Facebook the specials. For instance, this week the lineup included a Big Mac Omelette and Biscuit Beignets. The current menu also includes diner staples like eggs, omelettes, big-as-your-plate pancakes, french toast, waffles, burgers, sandwiches, quiches and delicious muffins by The Muffin Man. Do be warned that to get a seat here you’ll have to call 30 minutes ahead of time.

McIntosh’s Pub & Grub

If you feel like fried food and bar pizza, McIntosh’s is a good choice. The menu consists of subs, pizzas, wings, burgers, and many other appetizers. My go-to is the blackened chicken wings. The reuben pizza is also pretty good to order. If you’re looking for something a bit on the lighter side, they offer salads and soups. It can get pretty crowded sometimes, but luckily you can order takeout.

Verona’s Pizza

This establishment has all the trappings of a pizza shop: cannoli, ravioli, stromboli, spaghetti, ziti, manicotti, pepperoni (pizza). Geez, that was a lot of -ees. You can also find subs, salads, garlic knots, and many other pizzas and deserts as well. I recommend ordering a large meat lovers. Sadly, this eatery is shutting down after just three years in Bellbrook. You can find a statement made by them on Feb. 3 via Facebook. If you do end up getting a pie or some pasta (maybe even some dolce), and you end up loving it, their original location in Fairborn will remain open.


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