BHS Students schedule for next school year

By Claire Webster

Colored sheets and passwords float around the school.

Students sit at counselor meetings discussing what courses are available next year, and what requirements they need in order to graduate high school. 

It is almost the end of the 2022-23 school year here at Bellbrook High School, and there are many things students and staff need to accomplish before the last day of school.

The biggest item on every staff member and student’s to-do list is inputting their schedules for the upcoming school year into course requests and turning in their course guides.

There are many factors that are in place to make sure students choose a schedule that meets their educational needs.“Typically, if it’s a required class, we look at teacher recommendations, current grades, and testing (MAP and state tests),” high school counselor Debra Sanderman said. “If it’s a[n] elective we give as much information as possible then let students choose.”

There are many options of electives and courses for each grade level. Also there are Advanced Placement (AP) and College Credit Plus (CCP) classes to take into account when planning for the new year. 

AP classes can range from AP Literature to AP Computer Science. Test scores and teacher recommendations help students make their way into these classes.

“The CCP courses are college level, given to you by the college. You are a college student. Upper level French and Spanish and other classes are considered a CCP course here,” Sanderman said. “I would suggest CCP classes to any student who wants to have a class that is not offered here, and any student who is motivated to get college credit.”

CCP classes are also paid completely through the school, and help students earn college credits while still attending high school. 

Even though students input their first choice classes into course requests and the office, students sometimes don’t get what they want, because it all depends on how many students request that class and the class periods that will be available for that class. 

“It is trying to place courses in the schedules so that most students have access to them. To specify, we have eight periods, and we have about 50 courses that are offered once each day,” Sanderman said. “So, mostly it’s the computer that schedules the classes that fits. If we have more students asking for the course, we will prioritize by grade level.”

If a student dislikes the class schedule they receive, counselors are able to adjust it if there are genuine concerns. Students should contact their counselor before the first day of school to change their schedule.

Graduation requirements are also being discussed with students with their counselors. This is to help them consider which classes will help them achieve their high school diploma.

According to the Bellbrook High School Handbook, “In order to graduate from Bellbrook High School, the student must fulfill ALL credit and course requirements and meet the requirements of Ohio’s End of Course Exams or Alternate Pathway.”

To graduate from Bellbrook High School, students must complete at least 22 credits to earn a Bellbrook Standard Diploma. Other diplomas students can earn are the Bellbrook Advanced Diploma, Academic Honors Diploma, Arts Honors Diploma, and STEM Honors Diploma. Each of these diplomas have their own criteria students must meet to receive them at graduation.

“Start planning out what diploma you want, because you got to decide what classes you want to take your freshman year,” a Bellbrook sophomore said.


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