The Mandalorian season 3 premiers new story arcs 

By Brock Fortman and Tommy Dickman

“The Mandalorian” is a live-action revival of Star Wars after the controversial sequel trilogy Episodes 7-9. Season 1 and 2 introduced us to the lovable Grogu (aka Baby Yoda), but we also met villains Mof Gideon and Dr. Pershing.

Season three premiers a new potential recurring antagonist, Captain Gorian Shard. In addition to introducing a potential villain of the series, The Mandalorian has also opened some possible story arcs. Here are our speculations:

Arc 1: Redemption

By the end of Season 2, the title character played by Pedro Pascal removed his helmet multiple times to save Grogu.

Canonically speaking, The Children of the Watch are a fringe orthodox sect of the Mandalorian religion that live by “the way of the Mandalore.” In their creed, those who remove their helmet are considered apostates. If apostates wish to redeem themselves, they must bathe in the living waters of Mandalore. These waters are located in the destroyed beskar mines of the planet.

At the end of the first episode, Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff) told The Mandalorian Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) the waters were poisoned in the purge and that it would be in vain.

If our theory holds true, then later in the series Djarin will make it to Mandalore. We can expect redemption on the home planet will be the major theme of the season. We expect some conflict and troubles on his way to Mandalore, and most likely Djarin and Grogu will have to make stops in order to learn more about its destruction and status.

In casual Mandalorian fashion, we expect to see the duo stopping at a new planet or doing something new every episode that causes them to interact with various side characters and doing missions for people like Greif or even possibly Pelli Moto or Boba Fett and the Tatooine locals.

Arc 2: Gorian Shard’s revenge on Nevarro

In episode 1, Din Djarin and Grogu arrive out of hyperspace in the system of Nevarro. We get to see the planet’s transformation from its S2 counterpart with a nice aerial view of the port showcasing its many up-scale buildings and structures.

Although we get to see the nicer side of Nevarro, we still get a taste of disdain and crime with the sight of pirates attempting to enter a school to get a “drink” stating that Greef Karga used their boss’s treasure to build a saloon and that they deserve a drink. This situation ends in the death of several pirates.

Vane, the leader of the pirates, leaves back upon his ship unheard of until later when Djarin gets chased by pirates resulting in six dieing and the Mandalorian escaping into hyperspace.

Many can speculate that these pirates will be a recurring theme and arc that the characters will deal with throughout at least season 3. With Nevarro’s bright future, it also has to face its dark past with its former and new crime and villainy.

We predict that Gorian Shard will seek some sort of revenge on Nevarro being a nice parallel to the action-packed scene in season 2 on Nevarro. Whether Djarin stays and helps Grief or not, Nevarro will build up its forces somehow in response to the attacks by Gorian Shard’s pirates.

Arc 3: Homecoming

This is probably the most unlikely of the theorised future arcs, since Mandalore is supposed to be uninhabitable. In the final scene of “The Apostate,” Bo-Katan Kryze informs viewers that her band of Mandalorians abandoned her once she gave the darksaber to Din Djarin. These Mandalorians went on to become guns for hire mercenaries.

It is quite possible that Din Djarin will go on to unite all the surviving Mandalorians of the galaxy, including those who became mercenaries, to resettle on Mandalore. This arc can only occur if Djarin pursues redemption.


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