Mandalorian gets back on track in episode 2

By Brock Fortman

The Mines of Mandalore is a nice episode that gets us back on track from the arc-filled premiere of season 3 of the Star Wars series The Mandalorian and keeps us wondering what’s next for the future of the season.

<<Warning! The following article includes SPOILERS for season 3, episode 2 of The Mandalorian>>

In season 3 episode 2, Din Djarin and Grogu visit the planet of Mandalore after acquiring an astro-mech from their quick pit-stop on Tatooine where mechanic Peli Motto is swindling an unnamed Rodian with the assistance of Jawas.

The new droid Djarin has acquired has some fans speculating with some believing he’s a crucial unknown astro-mech recently referred to as R5-D4. This droid assists Din on Mandalore but is attacked by unknown cavemen-like aliens later referred to by Bo-Katan as Alamites. She mentions these creatures lived on Mandalore when the bombing started and that if they survived, what else could have?

While they explore the cave after leaving R5 in the ship, Djarin is attacked by a modified crab droid manned by a grotesque creature with robotic arms and an organic brain. Grogu attempts to rescue Djarin but is ordered to get Bo-Katan. An awesome chase scene witnesses Grogu’s growth using the force.

Once Djarin is rescued, they visit the Living Waters and Djarin takes off his jetpack and arsenal of weapons and descends into the water. Merely seconds later, we see him sinking to the bottom of the lake. Bo-Katan dives below to save him. While bringing him up using her jetpack, she gets a glance at a gargantuan beast that doesn’t attack them that one could only assume is the Mythical Mythosaur foretold.

Bo-Katan reaches the surface with Djarin and the episode ends on a cliffhanger.

Arc 1: Mandalorian Redemption

Is Djarin redeemed? Will he would return to the armorer and tell them about how Mandalore isn’t poisoned and that the Living Waters have survived the bombing of Mandalore? I presume that Djarin will play a more active role with The Children of The Watch after being redeemed.

Arc 2: There’s a New Sheriff in Town

In this arc, we have the potential of Djarin taking the role of Marshall offered by Greef Karga. Will we see him fighting off the Gorian Shard pirates or any other foe of Nevarro that causes it trouble? Will Djarin meet up again with Boba Fett or Peli Motto?

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