The BHS Talent Show kicks off spring break

By Claire Webster

The auditorium will be filled with students applauding the students on the stage, and joy and excitement will fill the atmosphere as everyone joins in the fun of the talent show. 

The annual Bellbrook High School Talent Show will be held the day before Spring Break on Friday, March 24 in the auditorium at 2pm. 

This year’s show will consist of fifteen acts from students, and the hosts are going to entertain the audience with skits in between acts.

Last year, the talent show required tickets to be purchased in order to attend, and the money went to a charity for Ukraine. This year, however, it’s going to be optional to donate, so students’ financial situation won’t keep them from attending the talent show.

“However, at lunch the week of the talent show, there will be a table where you MUST go to receive a seat at the show,” sophomore class representative Makayla Skinner said. Seating in the auditorium is limited so students must have a ticket. “You can donate to Sunlight Village Mental Health Center to get a sucker and be entered in a raffle for candy and gift cards,” Skinner said.

“Sun[light] Village, which is non-profit, provides mental health services to teenagers,” said sophomore class advisor Paige Lewis. Lewis advises the student officers who run the show along with fellow teacher and advisor Julie Giles. 

The talent show in 2022 was hosted by the student government, but instead of taking place in the gym, it will be in the auditorium. The fifteen acts will entertain the students watching in the audience. 

“My act is Irish dancing,” senior talent show participant Karin Peterson said. “I’ve been in the BCI/BMS talent show for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. I was ‘inspired’ to participate in the talent show this year by my mom. She told me that I should be in it, and here I am.”

The other fifteen acts will consist of singing, dancing, and other student talents.

“I am doing stand-up comedy,” said freshman Kaden Fromm. “My dream is to be a stand-up comedian and I like to make people laugh. I have [done the talent show before] once in 5th grade but this is my first time at a high school level I am doing stand up comedy.”

There are many talents to take in at the talent show before the bell rings to signal the start of spring break. 


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