Creative ways to display kokedama plant balls

by Madi Miller


What is it? It originates from Japan and the word translates as “moss ball”

What makes it special? The plant arrangement does not have a pot to hold the soil together. 

Why would I display my plant like this? If you are someone who gets bored of the basic look of things in your house, this plant arrangement is perfect for you to put some diversity into your family of plants. This arrangement also promotes a more natural, organic life for the plant as it is not in a pot.

How to make it? Create a ball around your plant’s roots with sphagnum moss. You can either leave it like that or add soil around it after the sphagnum moss base. This can be tricky to mold it together so make sure you add lots and lots of water to the soil mixture. Secure the ball with some reindeer moss and wrap string around it. You can then trim up the moss for a cleaner look.

Flying hanging plants

What is it? It is a kokedama ball but leveled up. 

What makes it special? The title itself speaks for itself. A flying plant is an amazing way to display plants to add a funky vibe to any room.  

Why would I display my plant like this? Displaying your plant like this will make guests stare in awe of your creation. The moss ball alone is interesting, but when it is hanging, it grabs people’s attention in the best way possible. The unique display is unlike anything you can buy at your local plant store because of the hard and creative work you put into it. 

How to make it? After creating the kokedama, simply wrap a piece of invisible string like a fishing wire around the ball and tie the end of the string tight against the ball leaving a long access string. Then tie the ends of the string together to make a loop. You can then hang the plant on a hook to hang down from the ceiling or table or window. 

Vanda Pot

What is it? Traditionally used for orchids, this wooden square pot will create a cozy feel in the room because of the rustic vibe.  

What makes it special? There’s truly nothing like this type of pot, and it is super easy to water because of the square shape.

Why would I display my plant like this? This type of pot can dress up any area. It gives off that cozy sunshine feeling when placed, especially outside on a patio or balcony. 

How to make it? Prepare the square wood pot with a hardy medal string or wire on one of the corners and attach so it is hanging. Take the plant out of the nursery pot, and make a kokedama. Now that you have the plant in a moss ball, wrap it into the wood square pot. Use fishing wire and secure it to the pot. The areas where the wood pot is empty, feel free to add more sphagnum moss but make sure you attach it with twine precisely.


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