Which fries are superior? 

by Ashtyn Praeter (with the help of her triplet siblings, Ava and Aiden)

Which fast food restaurants have the best fries? Do you like salty, crunchy, soft, or even cheese fries? We tested six different fast food restaurants for their fries specifically. Which fries came out on top?

1.) Steak ‘n Shake.

Steak ‘n Shake fries are superior. They are salty and crunchy. On our visit, the fries came out hot and they were long and perfectly cut. In each size — small, medium, and large — there was a generous amount in each. Besides the portions and tastes of the fries, they even have the option of cheese fries. Any condiments goes well with them, including a dip in a milkshake. These are the perfect fries with a rating of 10/10. 

2.) Chick-fil-A.

Chick-fil-A fries are a hit or miss. When we went to rank them, though, Chick-fil-A showed up. They were perfectly crisp and salted. The waffle fries were large and fluffy. Other visits have found the fries sometimes cold and soggy, but the majority of the time they are perfect. They taste amazing in any of the provided sauces, and even reheated still taste great. We all give them a 9/10. 

3.) McDonald’s.

McDonald’s ranked first for Aiden Praeter. He claims every time he goes, he gets a freshly made batch that is crisp, hot, and perfectly salted. Ava and I must have not been so lucky with the batch, considering our first thoughts were how overly-salty the fries tasted. They were thinner than normal and the size has decreased from long, enjoyable fries to crumbs you have to reach your hand far down into the signature packaging to get. Maybe it was the perception that they were delicacies as a child, but McDonald’s, what happened?? We gave them a 7.5/10.

4.) Wendy’s.

Wendy’s is okay, but not the best. A majority of the time the fries are soggy, but the flavor is good most of the time. There is not much to say about their fries, but they are nice dipped in sauces. It also is a plus that they can be dipped into a delicious Frosty or you can add the option of bacon cheese fries. We were not overly impressed but not bad. We agreed on a 7/10 for Wendy’s.

5.) KFC.

Second-to-last is KFC. Their fries are just not it. Good thing that KFC is not known for their fries. Maybe they should stick to fried chicken. The fries were warm at least, but soggy and there wasn’t a lot of taste. Overall your best bet is to order mashed potatoes as a side. The end rating was a solid 4/10.

6.) Burger King.

In last place by a landslide is Burger King fries. They have never been warm when I have gone, and when my siblings and I went to taste test and give these fries a redemption chance, they did not show up. I really have nothing to say except these were almost disappointing. We gave them a sold 2/10.

If you want a fluffy filling snack, Chick-fil-a is the best place to go. If you want a salty batch of fries, McDonald’s is the place for you. Wendy’s has a bacon option if you love toppings and meats. But if you want bland fries: KFC and Burger King are the winners. If you are looking for the perfect fry for all occasions, run to Steak ‘n Shake to get a nice big batch.


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