2023 District Art Show showcases local talent

By Sam Vine

The Bellbrook Art Show took place in the Bellbrook High School Atrium on April 15.

The art show exhibited selected artwork from both high school and middle school students, with special exhibits from the advanced senior art seniors. There were around 150–200 people from all over the community that came to see the showcase of all the talent that was being displayed.

Mrs. Newsome and Mrs. Parsons from the high school, as well as Mrs. Geis from the middle school, set up the show.

“We do this art show every year,” Mrs. Newsome said. “It has been going on since I was in high school when I went to high school here. It takes a lot of planning and a lot of work to start in November. When it comes, it’s a lot of work the day before and the day off, but it’s really fun when we get here.”

There was food and drink, and everyone was able to walk around and look at all the different artworks that were made.

A very special part of this particular show was the different “cubbies” that seniors taking Art 3 or 4 were able to coordinate and curate on their own to display their artistic journey through high school.

“I started off not really knowing what I was doing,” senior Karsyn Fortkamp said. “And then I found something I really liked; I found a niche. And after a while, I just grew in my talent, and over COVID, I figured out a lot about myself and figured out what I like to do.”

Fortkamp explained how the Bellbrook Art program was really helpful in growing her artistic ability outside of what she was comfortable with. Although she plans on going to college for a degree in geology, she hopes to continue creating art in her free time.

LeAnna Krile was another senior who talked about her journey as an artist and how she started to take it seriously in 8th grade. “Art is my main way of getting my emotions and feelings out,” Krile said. “When something happens and I don’t know how to process it, I will write a song, paint, or do makeup. I feel like you can see a lot of the work that goes into it.”

She was very thankful for the connections she created with the art teachers and the help they offered. As she graduates, she plans on still pursuing her artistic endeavors by getting her esthetician’s license so she can do makeup on other people.

“It has been so fun to see the seniors as they were freshman sophomores, moving through the art classes and watching their skills develop,” Mrs. Newsome said. “It’s been so fun to see that, and it all comes to fruition in their senior art show.”

Another very unique part of this show was the presence of work from the middle school.

“At middle school, specifically 6th grade, it is all about exposure to different types of art and letting them know that they are already artists,” Mrs. Geis said. “Realistic drawing isn’t the only type of art; I get a lot of ‘I can’t draw! So, therefore, I’m not an artist,’ and so I get them involved in so many different art techniques, processes, and experiences.”

“Then in 7th grade, we hone our skills with a little bit more technique,” Mrs. Geis said. “A lot of it is a little bit by choice; they always have a voice in their own art, but it’s also about confidence, problem-solving, and creativity skills. I always stress that the final product is the process where learning and growth happens.”


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