BOOK REVIEW: It Ends with Us and It Begins with Us

by Ashtyn Praeter

It Begins with Us is a book that sparked so many emotions in me. It’s overall rating was a 10/10. The book was romantic and exciting. It never got boring and it was very relatable.

A young girl named Lily Bloom meets a homeless boy named Atlas Corrigan. Young and in love, Lily and Atlas can never be separated. When trouble strikes at Lily’s house, Atlas moves to Boston to live with his uncle, or so Lily thought.

Lily soon meets a man named Ryle Kincaid and falls in love. The connection between the two is perfect; they elope and move in together. Ryle meets Lily’s mom. During a dinner at Bib’s, their waiter is Atlas Corrigan. He recognizes Lily and then Ryle recognizes Atlas and beats him up.

Lily sees a side of Ryle that is abusive and toxic, and she is assaulted by him, leading to a pregnancy. In the hospital, Atlas offers to take care of her. Lily divorces Ryle and moves into a hiding area with Atlas.

With her daughter Emerson, Lily has to figure out ways to make it through a divorce while owning a newly opened flower shop. The last line of the book, “It ends with us,” has Lily ending the chapter of her life with her daughter Emerson by her side.

The book pulled my heart strings and is worth the read.

It Ends with Us is the sequel to It Begins with Us. Although this book was good, it did get a little boring. Overall it got a 7/10. The book’s chapters sometimes seemed to drag on but when it got interesting, it was very good.

Lily Bloom and her daughter Emerson are navigating life with a new divorce. Lily uncovers an old love for her first love Atlas Corrigan. Lily works things out with Ryle Kincaid and makes the divorce less of an issue.

Atlas Corrigan discovers his abusive mom had another son and now Atlas has a little brother name Josh that he has to raise too. Atlas and Lily work together and fall in love. Their bond makes navigating life easier. Eventually they get married and the new chapter they have ahead is full of love.

Josh creates a project and says, “It begins with us.” The new family is beginning with Lily, Emerson, Atlas, and Josh. The book was very sentimental. It was so worth the read and a well-written sequel.


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