Bellbrook Sports Support one another with the Bigs and Littles Program

By Claire Webster

Lockers display homemade signs of positivity and confidence for their owners. Athletes share their experiences from their sport with their partners to help them succeed.

At Bellbrook High School (BHS), some athletic teams have a program where all the members of the team can participate called the Bigs and Littles Program. Some sports that are included in this program are softball, volleyball, and football cheer.

“The program is a show of support for an under and upperclassmen on game days and during the season with locker signs, small gifts and or texts and verbal support,” said Heather Hebrank, head coach of the varsity softball team.

For softball, this is the first year the Bigs and Littles Program has been part of the athletic experience since Covid-19.

This year the softball seniors Allie Hess and Addie Shahan wanted to bring this program back into the softball season. “We really liked the program and the integration it promoted between experienced players and less experienced players,” senior Addie Shahan said. 

Other teammates also feel that the program spreads positivity around the team, and helps build friendships with one another. “The program impacts the team in a very positive way,” sophomore Reese McBride said. “It dissolves the divide between Junior Varsity and Varsity girls. I think that it’s a very good way to get to know each other and a very simple and effective way to do some team bonding.”

“I think this program really brings everyone, freshman to senior, together and as a unit,” coach Hebrank said. “I think the program creates a culture of support and encouragement for one another. This also provides support to our teammates maybe during difficult times during the season or life in general.”


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