10 summer activity ideas

by: Madi Miller


As the movie High School Musical starts off by rejoicing for summer break, Bellbrook High School students are eagerly anticipating that last day of school to reenact the scene. 

Summer is approaching with only a couple weeks left of school. During the summer, some may feel lost in what to do whereas some may feel like they can’t catch a break with their busy schedules.   

For those of you who find yourselves trying to think of what to do this summer, here are some ideas!


    Take putt putt up a notch. Going to a golfing range can add a bit of spice to your life. This activity is so amazing because you don’t need anyone to come with you — unless you are a child, of course. You could either go alone or take a group. A networking event could even take place here. The golf range is so universal that it truly depends on your own personal preference if you want to take others with you or not. 


    Tanning is pretty much a given for summer time. Remember to LISTEN TO YOUR MOM and apply sunscreen while tanning! Tanning is another activity you can do alone or with others. You also can go anywhere where the sun is shining like the pool or your backyard; however, I do not recommend laying out anywhere by the road, so maybe not anywhere anywhere. You can take a book with you, have a conversation with a friend, or eat snacks while getting some vitamin D!


    “Don’t be lame, get your hair wet, go underwater, and play!” is what I hear on repeat in my brother’s voice while at the pool. As we get older, we spend more time tanning than actually in the pool. Swimming is so good for your health and wellbeing. And it’s fun! So take a swim in your local pool. This is also a great way to make friends. There is no shame in going to the pool alone but don’t feel like you have to stay in your own private bubble because most of everyone there is down for a good time!

    Run or Hike

    This activity requires a lot of energy so this is a good thing to do on those days where summer is not summering — not too hot, not too cold. Make sure to bring plenty of water with you so you don’t get heat exhaustion or dehydration. 


      It is summer break so why not spend it in paradise? Book a vacation or a cruise to get away if you’re feeling bored, unmotivated, or stagnant at home. Most feel refreshed and re-motivated after missing home for a while. This idea has many avenues and opportunities.

      Work out

        Get a membership to a local gym or crawl off the couch to your living room and do a workout! Working out doesn’t need to be a chore. Get some of your friends to do a workout with you or listen to your favorite album on high volume while working out to make it an experience. 

        Visit a Farmer’s Market

          This idea is a summer favorite. Farmer’s markets are filled with people, activities, food, and purchases! This is a great way to connect with local vendors and get to know your community a bit better. It also can prompt you to eat and feel cleaner by being around home-grown fruits and vegetables.

          Go on a Picnic

            Cute, wholesome, and fresh is what vibe this idea is giving off. Perfect date idea. Perfect friends get together. Perfect for time alone. Have a picnic enjoying breakfast while watching the sunrise, get grounded sitting on the very ground itself and journal in the afternoon, or eat chocolate covered strawberries while having a sunset picnic. It is a universal activity that can be tweaked to your own liking. 

            Start a summer business

              Let ideas flow while in a relaxing state of mind while summer is here. The sun is beaming, the wind is blowing, and the ideas are flowing! 


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