Girls’ Track team head towards SWBL

By Claire Webster

This year, the girls’ track team started in March and next week they will compete in the SWBL district tournament.

“For some, the season can end next week,” senior Emily Crane said, “But if you are lucky then you will continue to move on each week until you compete at state in June,”

Crane has been involved in track since sixth grade at Incarnation and in her seventh-grade year she started at Bellbrook. This year, Crane has beaten her school personal record (PR) twice. She has also received many career PRs in her events this year.

Crane earned a school record in steeplechase. “I knew going into the race I could get a PR, but I just needed to sit with the rest of the girls who had a faster time than me,” Crane said.

Crane is going to continue her career in track by trying to walk-on The Ohio State team and participate in the run club.

Track and field also has conditioning during the off-season where they prepare for the hard season in the spring. Conditioning can vary from practicing with the team or going to weight training at the high school. Lots of practice in the off-season can help athletes succeed and not hurt themselves during the season.

“Soccer training is how I condition,” sophomore Caitlyn Hansen said. “For high school, we have lifting and fitness tests over the summer.”

“During the off-season, I do lots of long runs and weight training,” Crane said. “I spent a lot of time doing indoor track so I could get a lot of hurdles and long jumps.”

To succeed in this sport, athletes have to try new things and also focus on achieving their goals. “Don’t worry so much about place or competitors,” Crane said. “Worry about competing with yourself and getting faster times.”

“Experience all of the events that track offers,” Hansen said. “Some of the events may seem uncomfortable but after you get used to the event it may become your new favorite event. Maybe the event will even help qualify you for state!”


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