Popeyes moving into the plaza

By: Riley Hodges

If you happened to drive down Wilmington Pike in the last couple years, you would have noticed one or all of the following:

-An Applebees

-A Closed down Applebees

-A completely empty, unbranded building

-An empty lot

And finally

-A construction zone

All of these were stages of one singular lot alongside Wilmington Pike. Ever since Applebee’s closed down, locals have wondered what would take its place.

Last fall, the deconstruction of the old Applebee’s location and construction of Popeyes began.

While some people are excited to have a Popeyes nearby, there have also been people who point out that there’s already one that’s close on the corner of Wilmington Pike and Stroop Road.

This new Popeyes will be in very close proximity to a nearby KFC, which would end the long-time fried chicken monopoly in the Sugarcreek Plazas, giving people more options for their fried-food needs. 

The Popeyes lot isn’t the only empty lot in the plaza however; the local Burger King shut down recently and so far has not been touched since it was emptied. With the inclusion of the new Popeyes, what will replace Burger King? 


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