Meet your New President

by Lauren Redfern January 20, a new president moves into the White House. Current President-elect Trump will be the new leader of this nation for the next four years. The election brought light to both candidates in a mostly negative format. We as citizens might know Trump’s political stances but many do not know who HE really is. June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York, … Continue reading Meet your New President

Ohio State Attacks hit Home

by Lauren Redfern Monday, November 28 was an ordinary day after Thanksgiving Break at The Ohio State University until around 10 am that morning when OSU’s Emergency Management Twitter page sent out a message stating, “Buckeye Alert: Active Shooter on campus. Run Hide Fight. Watts Hall. 19th and College.” Ohio State uses the Run Hide Fight method for these type of drastic events. Run: get as far away from the … Continue reading Ohio State Attacks hit Home

Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs: A World Series to Remember

by Lauren Redfern October 25 is a day that will be written into the baseball history books forever. The Chicago Cubs, who are never playing in October, and the Cleveland Indians, who also have rare occurrences during the fall months, find themselves suiting up in the final seven games of the season. The Cubs beat the San Francisco Giants 3-1 in a five game series, … Continue reading Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs: A World Series to Remember

Bellbrook Cross Country sweeps SWBL Meet

by Lauren Redfern The morning of October 15, the Men and Women’s Cross Country took to the start line to race in the SWBL league meet. The race was hosted by the Franklin Wildcats, a member in the southwest portion of the league. The Eagles were familiar with the course as they participated in a meet on September 20 at the same location. The course … Continue reading Bellbrook Cross Country sweeps SWBL Meet

Jose Fernandez’s death shocks MLB

by Lauren Redfern José Fernández was a name the game of baseball loved. Fernández was a starting pitcher for the Miami Marlins. He was in his third year with the team. He was not only a Marlin but also a Cuban. He was proud of his ethnicity but did not just walk into America. Fernández escaped Cuba after many tries. When he succeeded, his whole life changed and … Continue reading Jose Fernandez’s death shocks MLB

Thursday Night Lights Come to Bellbrook

by Lauren Redfern Football season is upon us, and the Bellbrook Eagles entered their first home game on September 8  with a record of 2-0. This game was different than normal since it was on a Thursday night. Bellbrook was part of Fox 45/Abc 22 Thursday Night Lights feature, so the game was broadcast, escalating the excitement. The Eagles played the Tecumseh Arrows, who entered the game with record … Continue reading Thursday Night Lights Come to Bellbrook