Hey everyone, you don’t want to miss these dates!

By: Sara Wolf High school seniors: I have some either troubling or exciting news for you. Graduation is a month away. Days left in school are down to the teens. If you never thought you’d make it this far, let me be the first to say congratulations! But, before we get there, there’s a ridiculous amount of things going on. Seriously, ridiculous. It’s going to … Continue reading Hey everyone, you don’t want to miss these dates!

Senior Legacy Blocks

by Jackie Thompson Walk down the curved art hallway at Bellbrook High School and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the colorful “legacy blocks” of this year’s seniors and those of seniors past. Leaving behind these beautiful murals is a tradition for the graduating art students here at BHS. It gives them the opportunity to express themselves, leave something behind for the future classes, and frankly, … Continue reading Senior Legacy Blocks

A Cents-ible Guide to Scholarships

by Jackie Thompson With batches of admission decisions coming in each week, many seniors are discovering they’ve successfully tackled the first obstacle on their path to higher education: getting in. Being accepted into any college is cause for celebration, so by all means, celebrate. But remember, the issue of paying for college still remains. “I think a lot of people don’t realize how many scholarships … Continue reading A Cents-ible Guide to Scholarships