A Snow Day’s Worst Nightmare: Blizzard Bags

by Emily Caruso

It’s a trivial thing that both high school seniors and first graders alike share: the sensation of waking up early still in one’s PJs and waiting for the school’s name to come across the news indicating the beloved snow day. Traditionally a custom shared rarely throughout the district, snow days have been practiced far too often this school year resulting in a record total of six. Due to uncooperative weather, the school has resorted to “blizzard bags” or homework on snow days. Teachers have been posting blizzard bags in Progress Book for students underneath the homework tab. The assignments are due two weeks after they were assigned. While some teachers give very little, others aren’t so kind.

Senior Ellie Fryman says she used to look forward to snow days, and celebrated them with extra sleep. But now Fryman says that blizzard bags have changed her life, making her procrastinate till the last minute only to do completely irrelevant assignments. “Some teachers assign stuff that we’re not even learning right now just to say they did it. It’s off topic,” stated Fryman.

Dedicated teacher Mark Erwin shook his head in dismay when asked about blizzard bags, noting how he used to push the limit by hitting the snooze button until 9:30am on snow days. But nothing was too crazy for Erwin in a realm where blizzard bags didn’t exist, as he stated, “We’re talking snow ball fights with the kids, forts, Xbox, on demand movies. [Blizzard bags] have taken that away from me.” Now with the help of blizzard bags, Erwin has replaced his cliché winter activities with the anticipation of what’s to come with the added work as he said, “There’s the fear of the work that will come, so I sit in fear.”

While seniors like Fryman brush the extra homework off due to senioritis, others take the business more seriously. “I put a massive amount of effort into my blizzard bags. Just the nature of the bag means that you have to fill it with something, so I try to put quite a bit into my blizzard bag. You have to fill it with content,” commented Erwin.

But all the extra snow days are doing more than ruining students’ and teachers’ plans for the days; it’s even affected midterms. Third quarter being noticeably longer than all of the other quarters was originally dreaded and intimating to a second-semester senior. However, now as the deadlines for mid terms has passed, Fryman’s mouth drops as she states, “Wait, is it really past midterms?!”

A much more concerned Erwin commented stating, “We’re actually late a week. We pushed midterms back. A lot of people probably don’t have that many grades in. The blizzards could be to blame.”


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