Homecoming to be stationed in a galaxy far, far away…

by Anna Starkey

Homecoming season has arrived at BHS and is predicted to be out of this world.  The outer-space themed dance is set to be held on October 18  in the high school auxiliary gym.

An overall theme is chosen each year by the Homecoming Planing Committee that is directed by Ms. Bills-Tenney.  This year, the group has decided on “outer-space,” which has proven to be popular amongst students.  “I think it’s amazing,” said junior Dan Yokajty.  “I think people will enjoy it.  I’ve always been a big fan of Star Wars.”  Fellow junior Nick Martin agreed,  “I really like it.  I’m even using the space theme to ask my date to the dance.”  The Committee has already decided on the decorations that they will be using as well as where they plan on placing them.

However, there are still hostilities towards the dance itself.  When asked if she liked the theme, junior Iona Harrop said, “Yes, I like it, but it has the potential to be borderline tacky.”  She, along with others, have spread the word that they will not be attending this year.  As to why, Harrop said, “The dancing is gross, and I don’t want to be around that.”  Becca Rogers, Junior Treasurer, agreed with this concept, stating that she is undecided on whether or not she will go. Rogers also added that, “The decorations are going to be really cool! I only go with my friends though, so I do not enjoy the dancing either.  We would rather dress up, go to eat, and not even go to the dance.”  Multiple people have made the same complaint regarding the type of dancing that occurs, thus posing the question of, “Will this year be different?” With students and teachers both devoted to bringing a stop to the grinding, this year has the potential to end the dirtiness and revive the welcoming spirit of Homecoming by banning front to back dancing.  “Fine by me,” said senior Ian Price on the issue.  “I would rather be able to see my date anyways.”

As for those planing to attend the Homecoming, tickets are to be priced at $15 a person and will be sold starting October 14.  Don’t miss the opportunity to dance all night in a galaxy far, far away…





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