More Books Stolen By Hollywood!!!!!

By Cayla Destefani

The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, Twilight, Ender’s Game, The Host, Harry Potter, I am Number Four, Lord of the Rings, Inkheart, The Chronicles of Narnia, Percy Jackson, The Giver… The list goes on and on. All of these books and more once crowded book shelves and flooded librarian desktops. Teenagers and adults once spent time extending their vocabulary and opening their imaginations to the magical worlds inside of books. Then Hollywood began to get their hands on these precious works of art. Movies made the whole world’s imagination of literary heroes meld into a single image—that which they saw on screen.

It is now not worth many people’s time to fill their minds with the contents of these precious gems. I fear that books will soon be a relic of a time past when people could read literature and understand it; where they could invent a character in their mind and be taken on their own adventure into another world. The era of books is ebbing out to high definition, special effects, and Blu Ray. Besides, it seems like everyone has better things to do than sit down and read a book. They can take the two hours out of their lives to watch the movie, though. It is faster and easier to stare at a screen than engage the brain into reading a good book. There is this cycle of slowness that keeps on picking up. People don’t read books as much so their reading is slow, but they don’t want to take the time to read more and make their reading faster so their reading will always be slow!

I will be honest: I am very excited to see some of my favorite books coming out on the big screen. I am a theatrical person and I like to see the way that a movie can interpret the plot and bring my favorite characters to life. What makes me sad is when people refuse to read the books at all. I hear excuses like lack of time or, “The movie is coming out soon anyway. Why should I read the book?” thrown out more and more. There is a lot of good that can come from reading and not just watching the movies. Not only will the movie be a lot more enjoyable to you because you will know and understand the plot, but you will be helping yourself learn and develop more vocabulary. Comprehension skills are much more advanced to those who read on a regular basis which can help with test taking. Also, sometimes the movies are awful and don’t do the books any justice at all, in which case it is better for you to know that the movie was awful and not the story.

So the next time you are presented with the opportunity to see a movie of a book, be sure to actually read the book first.

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