JROTC Makes Goal of 11,000 Cans

By Emily Bunsold

Every year, Bellbrook High School’s JROTC puts on their annual canned food drive during the fall. Juniors Alexandra Contestable and Emma Luginbuhl and freshmen Adam Westergaard and Carver Wentworth gave all the details about the canned food drive.

What exactly is the project that the JROTC is doing? 

Alexandra: We collect canned goods around Bellbrook and donate them to food pantries in Bellbrook and Xenia. All JROTC members are expected to bring in at least 55 canned goods as well

Alexandra, as head of this project, what are your roles?

Alexandra: I organize everything. I pass out all the flyers, speak to the JROTC before we go out collecting on Saturdays, and divide them into groups before I send them out. I record the number of cans, organize all the cans, sort them into different categories, and also coordinate where they go on the big pyramid we build out of the cans after we collect them all.

Emma: So usually what happens is you have your person in charge and all of their assistants. Then you have your upperclassmen that are in charge of driving the others from neighborhood to neighborhood. Finally, we usually let the sophomores and freshmen be in charge of going door to door and collecting the food

What’s the goal number of cans to get for this year?

All: 11,000

Alexandra: It’s the highest goal we’ve ever set

Emma: We always meet our goal; we actually usually always go over our goal.

And how close are you to reaching that goal?

Alexandra: We’re about 45% of the way there.

Adam and Carver, what do you think about this project?

Adam: I think it’s a good thing. I mean, you’re helping other people who need it.

Carver: Yeah, I agree. I think it’s awesome that you get to help people in need.

The canned food drive doesn’t end until Thanksgiving, so if you have any canned goods at home that you’re willing to part with, the JROTC would greatly appreciate it. Let’s help them reach their goal of 11,000! It’s a big number, but every little bit helps!

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