Junior Advice For Freshman Exam Takers


By Emily Bunsold

When asked “Do you have any advice for new freshmen taking the exams this year?” Many of Bellbrook High School’s Juniors had some great advice.

Kate Barton

Kate Barton

“I make study guides as I go throughout the chapters so that I don’t have that much to do by the end of the semester when exams roll around.”

Alyssa Rogers

Alyssa Rogers

“Eat a good breakfast!”

Dan Yokajty

Dan Yokajty

“You don’t really have to take all of your school stuff with you every night. Just take the supplies you need for the exams the next day so that you can focus on them.”

Michaela Forbes

Michaela Hensley

“I do all my study guides, look over notes, and read the book. If you have any questions, just go to your teacher before the exam.”

Savannah Shenk

Savannah Shenk

“Go to the NHS study groups!”

Brad Tran

Bradley Tran

“Study for about fifteen minutes every night. All of those minutes start to add up and you won’t be cramming the night before.”

David Vine

David Vine

“Just don’t sweat it. They’re only 20% of your grade after all. Exams aren’t as scary as you think and you get to go home early!”




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