Pumpkin Art Glows at BHS

By Sarah Rovinsky

Three periods of art one competed Friday, October 30, for the best carved pumpkin. Students had four days to work on their sculptures. Judges Mrs. Fogarty, Mrs. Hensley, and Mr. Hann chose six students to reward with a free meal to the new burger joint on the Feedwire and Wilmington Pike intersection. First place tie between senior Trenton Nartker and freshman Andrea Szep shared a bright blue ribbon and bragging rights. A majority of the pumpkins were displayed in the art courtyard. The most common design was the traditional jack-o-lantern. The winning pumpkins were displayed near the main entrance of the school. Students were able to take their masterpieces home on Friday for the Halloween weekend. Mrs. Fogarty, who taught the art 1 classes and led the project said the competition started as a fun “incentive for students to do well.”