How to Keep Halloween Alive 365 Days A Year!

by Bridget Richard

Halloween has met its tragic end for the year. But even though the calendar says it’s over does not mean that the spooky and kooky vibes ever have to leave you in spirit. Here are some tips for keeping a festive Halloween mood all year round.

  1. Continue eating candy. Surely you haven’t eaten the entire pillowcase of trick-or-treat candy in only five days (but if you have, I’m not one to judge).
  2. If you didn’t trick-or-treat at all, don’t worry. There’s still more candy to be had. Not only can you buy it year-round, but many stores are selling Halloween candy at a discount.
  3. Skeletons are a well-known motif for Halloween. But just because we’ve passed October 31 does not mean they should be forgotten! There is a skeleton inside of you 365 days a year, don’t neglect that!
  4.  There’s no need to stop dressing up in costume. Whether it’s for any party, social gathering, or just a staff meeting that needs some pizzazz, you spent $30 on that Stormtrooper costume, get your money’s worth out of it.
  5. For high school seniors, another way to keep the mood of spooks and scares alive is to think about your future! College and career decisions are hurdling towards you at an abnormally fast speed even though time is still hauntingly linear.
  6. Stop dusting your house for some spooky decorative cobwebs.
  7. Another great tip to keep the Halloween spirit alive year-round is to keep making puns so bad that you scare yourself.