How to Make Tomorrow Better Than Today

by Casey Murphy

Have daily stress and don’t know where to start to make the next day a little more relaxing? Here are 10 great ways to wake up less worried.

  • Buy frozen fruits and veg

Buying frozen is somehow proven by multiple studies to be much healthier. Also they make great smoothies and you won’t worry about spoiling.

  • Make double the servings

Yes, making double the amount of food you are actually are eating for a meal is more-time consuming, but tomorrow night you have an already-made dinner! Just leave the rest as leftovers and reheat it the next day.

  •   Set up your coffee the night before

Being rushed in the morning and not having time to take coffee with you to work or school is a real bummer when you have to buy $5 coffee at Starbucks. But setting up the coffee the night before insures fresh, cheap coffee right on your way out the door.

  •  Stretching

Jumping out of bed in the mornings and stretching out those muscles you totally forgot you even had is a great way to wake up in the morning. Your body will especially thank you in your later years.

  • Putting your alarm far away from you

Having to physically get out of bed to shut off your alarm in the morning and stand to your feet can really get your blood flowing to wake up. Place your alarm on the opposite side of your bedroom.

  • Take stock of your fridge

Letting foods spoil pass their expiration date can be a real bummer, but don’t forget to get them out of there and into the trash. You’ll feel less cluttered and much healthier for having the freshest foods to fuel your body.

  • Light candles

If you’re sick of that musty smell in your room and just want to spice it up, light some candles. Lighting candles is great for taking a bath, trying to get into the right state of mind to study, or reading a book. As always, use CAUTION with fire.

  • Drink tea

Coffee is always great to wake you up, but can be unhealthy. Tea is great for a sore throat and warming you up on a cold winter day.

  • Read a little about places you want to go

Everyone has a little adventure in their heart and traveling to somewhere you’ve never been can be exciting but sometimes never a reality. Read a little bit everyday about the places you want to go and you will feel like you are already halfway there.

  • Change the route

Take a different turn on your way and you could find the most interesting things. It could be great open country roads or just a new restaurant in a different town.