Take Me Out to the Ball Game

by Jaimie Franz

With the smell of fresh-cut grass in the air, the official start to spring begins with a crack of a bat. Baseball season is in full swing. The Bellbrook Men’s Baseball Team have been working hard in the past few months with 3 hour practices and weight training sessions. Already the team has played 11 games, including 3 league wins and 2 league losses, beating Valley View twice and Franklin and playing some tough games against Eaton. Junior Luke Mayberry expresses high expectations for himself and teammates, for his goal is for the team to be able to go to state. Mayberry feels strongly that the team is able to accomplish this goal, as long as they work hard together as a team. Senior Mason Sherrill adds, “I think it is possible. We just have to play solid baseball the rest of the season.” Sherrill would also like to see the team walk back on the field for the Regional Final Game, where they made it last year.


This team of strong, young men cannot only hit a mean curve ball, but also they have an incredible family of brothers standing next to them on that field as they play and as they walk off the field, pushing each other to be better players, taking part in the competitive spirit, challenging each other and speaking encouraging words to one another to go out and play their best even with the occasional butting of heads. Sherrill says, “Everyone is very supportive of each other and the dugout is always filled with…enthusiasm, especially from guys who are not in the game.”

The coaches are taking this season with great stride. The boys speak only positively of the coaches they so clearly look up too, as they accept their players who give 110% in practice and games. They teach the boys how to become better baseball players but also better men and have some fun on the field while they’re at it. Mayberry says, “They are really good coaches who joke around with us and help us get better in the process of teaching us some manners too.” Sherrill seconds this by saying, “They are always pushing me and the rest of the team to our fullest potential. They want what is best for us on and off the field, and they do their best to make us respectable young men.”


The Seniors on the team are looking forward to a fulfilling season of glory. Two of the Seniors have already signed on to college teams. Mason Sherrill has signed with The University of Findley and Cody Clark has signed with Ohio Northern University. Congratulations to these boys on their accomplishments and good luck to all of the Seniors and their teammates for a successful season.



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