The NFL Draft Underway

By: Elaine King

For sports fanatics, this time of year is Christmas. In the month of March, the big NCAA championship basketball tournament fueled their addiction. Now, they are enticed by the NFL draft for the upcoming professional football season. The draft, for those of us who don’t get off on ESPN, is an event where the professional football teams around the country battle it out, bidding for the players they want on their team for the season to come.

This year the results came in all over the board. Some teams lucked out. The Los Angeles Rams took home the top pick: Jared Goff. The San Diego Chargers followed behind with ranked #3 player: Joey Bosa. The Baltimore Ravens took home Ronnie Stanley (no. 6). However, there were also some surprises in the draft. The 49ers drafted no. 207, Jeff Driskel. The “Steeler Nation” had a rough third day of the draft. A team with six Super Bowl rings, according to experts, made some mistakes, and if the coaches were attending school their picks would earn them a C.

Overall the draft went well and the aspiring players got their shots in the big league. Sports fans can anticipate an interesting season next fall.


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