Find some laughs at this year’s fall play

by Drew Ward

With school starting, most people do not have anything to look forward to. Their summer is over and now assignments, homework, quizzes, sports, tests are piling up. Everyone is getting stressed and reminiscing on summer, craving for some sort of relief from the school day since Thanksgiving break is still two months away. This year’s fall play will help kids achieve the relief they want from the stressful school day.

Laughter is known as the best medicine. Everyone at school is sick of the amount of work that the teachers are beseeching us to do. Luckily, this year’s fall play is a comedy, so laughing is bound to occur. The play is called Can’t Beat the House. It is about two burglars who try to loot a house but find out the house is for sale and they pretend to be its realtors. Jack Culbertson, a senior who is the lead this year, said he is very excited for the play but feeling melancholy since it is his last play. He also said, “Since this is my last play, I am motivated to go out there and give it my all and go out with a bang.”  Katie Giffin, a senior who is in her first play, said, “This is my first and last play so it is bittersweet for me but I cannot think of a better cast for this show.” The seniors in the play are excited and ready to give their all for this year’s performance.

The performances are on November 16, 17 and 18. Come out to receive the best medicine for your school sickness.


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