Bellbrook has an Enchanted Homecoming 2017

by Drew Ward

Every year Bellbrook High School has a fall dance, Homecoming. This year homecoming was on September 30. All of the fall and for some, the end of summer, is spent getting ready for this dance. Guys get ideas for who they are going to ask, how they will ask or even if they plan on going in general. Girls get the difficult part of waiting and wondering if they will get asked. The anticipation for Homecoming is overwhelming.

The student council was tasked with creating the Homecoming and putting it together. This year’s theme was Enchanted Forest.

One of the most exciting things about Homecoming is the court and king and queen. This year’s king and queen were seniors Savannah Briley and Keion Driscoll. This is awarded during halftime of the football game. This year’s football game was against Valley View. Last year Bellbrook lost to them but this year we had high hopes. The game was tight until the end of the third quarter when Valley View’s running game took over and Spartans won by two touchdowns.

The dance was a success and brought in a huge crowd. Drew Leftwich, a freshman, said, “Homecoming ended up being a lot more fun than I thought it would be.” When asked what he thought could be better for next year he said, “The music this year was not terrible but I thought it could be better.” Senior Cole Weslow reiterated the same thing, he said, “The dance was fun but I was not familiar with some of the songs they played. Next year I would love for them to play more popular songs.” Caleb Newlon said, “My favorite part of the dance was the theme. It was aesthetic and a lot more thought out than last year.”  Bellbrook’s Homecoming dance was one to remember and the next dance will be hosted by JROTC, a winter formal.


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