Reviving Bellbrook’s Academic Team

by Drew Ward     

This year Bellbrook is reviving their SWBL Academic Team.  The team is supervised and coached by Mrs. Schultz and Mr. Schultz. The team will practice every Thursday after school until their first meet, which will be held at Franklin, Thursday, January, 11, 2018.

The team will of a JV and Varsity. The Varsity and JV will be determined by how many practices a person attends and how well they do in practice. The practices will be simulating meets that Bellbrook will attend. If a person does well during the practice competitions they will be promoted to Varsity and if they do poorly they will be placed on JV.

The team is looking for people who are excited to join even if they missed the informational meeting. The next practice will be Thursday, October 19. If you are interested in joining you can go to see either Mr. Schultz or Mrs. Schultz to get the informational packet. The packet must be signed by a parent by October 25.  People are invited to join even if they are playing a sport or doing other extracurricular activities. The Schultzes understand that people are busy and they want people when they can and as much as they can. If you are interested in joining or want more information please see either Mr. or Mrs. Schultz.


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