BHS Golf Is Sending It Long

by: Kayla Stephensen

Bellbrook varsity golf has had a significantly better season than in past years. Junior Zach Crampton, “Big Zesty,” notes, “This season has been a little different because of a new coach but our team has benefited from more practice.” The team went to districts for the first time in 11 years after placing 3rd at sectionals.

The team had many notable wins over Eaton and Milton Union where the Eagles won by under 10 strokes. Tough losses include Valley View and Brookville, where the Eagles lost by less than 10 strokes in challenging weather. The varsity team has an overall record of 9-5.

Since golf is a team sport and records depend on how well the team does overall, Bellbrook was able to have a better than average record due to many talented players. The team also consisted of many multiple time medalists including Zach Crampton, Gabe Hine, Ryan Wehner and one-time medalist Benton Miller. The team’s all time low was a 37 by Ryan Wehner.


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