Facebook Hacked with More Problems to Come

By: Jade Edwards

Facebook was hacked on September 28, exposing almost 50 million accounts and jeopardizing the identities on the accounts attacked.  Questionably, another 40 million Facebook account users were possibly affected and forced to log out and validate their authenticity.  Facebook users are being warned not to accept friend requests because the violators out there are creating fake accounts and following people to get their information. This is still not the entire picture.  It is only a glimpse of the effect this attack could have.

What makes this such a worrisome occurrence is that Facebook is attached to so many other accounts for so many other apps through Facebook Connect, used through “login through Facebook” or “verify using Facebook” option for sites, games, and accounts. Frustrating as it is for people who do not have a Facebook account, it makes these applications so much more accessible.  This ease makes the recent hacking dangerous. These other apps are now vulnerable to a hack and more identities could be disclosed.

After the Cambridge Analytica data scandal—where data from millions of Facebook users was analyzed without the consent of those users to influence them and to aid the Trump campaign during the 2016 election—Facebook was already under scrutiny.  Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, had apologized for not protecting the information of Facebook patrons after the scandal. He and his company is now under fire once again for the risk that these events have caused. Investigations have started for other organizations using Facebook Connect to see if the acquired information from the hacked Facebook accounts is being improperly used.  The full damage of this attack is yet to be completely assessed.


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