The Best Comedy Shows To Warm Your Heart When It Gets Cold Outside

by Emily Lewis

Leaves are changing and the air is getting colder. Soon enough it will be too cold to do much of anything outdoors which can mean only one thing: excessive amounts of Netflix and Hulu. Here are some of the best comedy shows on popular streaming services to fill your heart with laughter and warmth.

Note: All of these shows have ended, ensuring that when you binge, you’ll be left satisfied rather than anxiously awaiting a new season. Happy streaming!

The Office

A modern classic, The Office is known for its dry humor and unforgettable characters. From laughing over boss Michael Scott to smiling at Jim and Pam, this “mockumentary” has a little bit of something for anyone, and 10 seasons to binge on Netflix.


An offbeat comedy about students at a community college, this series follows the lives of six members of a study group. From the hardships of studying for a Spanish final to the unpredictability of friendship, Community gives viewers an exaggerated look at the community college life— as well as some hilarious paintball episodes. The series currently has all six seasons on Hulu.

Parks and Recreation

Commonly referred to as simply Parks and Rec, this comedy show follows the same style as The Office, with camera crews following the everyday lives of Leslie Knope, the eccentric Deputy Director of Pawnee’s Parks department, alongside her lively and comedic coworkers. Any fans of The Office should be sure to check out all seven seasons on Netflix or Hulu.


One of the most classically nostalgic TV shows out there, Friends is known for its take on late 90’s New York, as it documents the lives of six friends, and the trials and errors of jobs, love, and friendship. All ten seasons are on Netflix, but you can also find frequent marathons on many cable stations. It’s the perfect show to watch and rewatch through the winter. (Season 5 is my favorite).

New Girl

Following a bad breakup, quirky, offbeat Jessica Day finds herself a new apartment with three new roommates. This show follows the budding friendships and romances between roommates and friends, and could even be considered a modern take on Friends. The first six seasons are streaming on Netflix, with the final season only available on Hulu, currently.

The Golden Girls

A classic from the 80’s, this show offers hilarious one-liners as four mature women navigate the elderly community of Miami. From the airhead comments of Rose to the dry sarcastic remarks of Dorothy, The Golden Girls is full of comedy and heartwarming moments between the four roommates. You can often find episodes on cable, but all 7 seasons are streaming on Hulu.


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