Studying? Here’s What to Listen to

by Abbey Raison

When you’re studying, it can be hard to concentrate. Putting on some music can help you get your head in the right place…or the wrong place; it all depends on what kind of music you choose.

While jamming to pop songs on the bus ride to a sporting event is fun, playing catchy songs while you study will inhibit your information intake. Singing while you study does not allow you to truly read the material. In order to stay on track and avoid distraction, listening to classical music or instrumental tracks are a great alternative.

The best way to find movie soundtracks or classical music is using a free music streaming service, such as Spotify or Pandora. Search up your favorite movie after you create an account, and chances are, there will be a lengthy set of instrumental songs to accompany your homework.

In an interview asking students about what music they like to listen to while they study, BHS senior Emily said, “I love listening to the soundtrack from the Fantastic Beasts movies. It’s jazzy and fun to listen to while I’m trying to study.”

“Personally, I like putting on my favorite songs while doing my homework, but I always end up singing more than studying,” said BHS sophomore, Claire.

Finding music that does not distract you can be difficult when your favorite playlist is tempting. Creating a study playlist will help your study habits and you will still be able to listen to great music. Start off studying for your next test with an instrumental playlist and you will find you are much more focused than when you listen to your “Bops” playlist.

Here are some links to help get you started on your study playlist:


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