Bellbrook student offers some quarantine advice

by Bradley Jager

As COVID cases continue, the Bellbrook School Board has made a new rule for quarantined students. If you are quarantined and can prove you have Covid-19 antibodies within 24 hours, you are then permitted to follow the modified quarantine the same as fully-vaccinated individuals. If you are unfortunate enough to be quarantined, I have some advice that may be of use. Having been quarantined six times now, I’ve had my fair share of quarantine experiences. Here are my top 5 tips for dealing with being quarantined and keeping up with your schoolwork:

Bradley Jager offers 5 pieces of advice to stay caught up in quarantine. Picture take by Ms. Bills-Tenney.

1) Keep a schedule

Being quarantined does NOT mean you are free from work. Keep a consistent sleep schedule, meal times, and set aside time to do work for each class. This lets your body and mind stay in the working mood and allows everything you do to feel much easier.

2) Keep in contact with your teachers

Something that always helps is to stay in touch with your teachers. They’re here to help you. Every teacher is so understanding and is more than willing to explain, restate, and help. Their email works and they check it regularly. You should do the same.  

3) Leave your phone in another room

Having a phone on your desk or in your pocket is one of the strongest temptations to stop working and scroll social media. It may be fun to stop and text a friend, but you need to get your work done. If you NEED your phone, keep it out of sight and off your person.

4) Stay hydrated

It may seem difficult to remember to drink water, but with more than half the kids in the USA being dehydrated, there is a high likelihood that YOU are under-hydrated and need water. Staying hydrated helps with memory, motor skills, communication, and bone function. Keeping a bottle of water by your workstation will keep it convenient and easy to stay hydrated and effective! As I always remind my friends, “Hydrate or die-drate!”

5) Have a workstation

Keeping a clean and distinct work area will help you get into a productive mindset. This area should not be your bed. A desk or a dining room table is ideal. Keeping your schoolwork in the workspace prevents you from getting unorganized and keeps you in a school mindset.

Quarantine is never good, but you can work to make it easier on yourself and your teachers. 


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