The Dairy Shed opens for 2022

By Paige Bourquin and Bradley Jager

“I like a vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles and the eyes, that’s pretty good.”
“Mint chocolate chip in a bowl.”
“Chocolate, but in a bowl.”
“Their dipped cones are amazing.”
“Chocolate chip cookie dough.”
“The Crunch bars.”

These were the favorite ice cream of people who we asked about a staple in the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek community, The Dairy Shed. This local ice cream shop started in the 1970s, working out of a garage, with the signature “shed” opening in 1990. With over 25 different options to choose from with a huge variety of flavors in each, it’s no wonder this local store is such a hit.

It’s pretty clear that people share memories of this place, and good ones at that. The cross country team does a team bonding activity where they run a long distance and then run back to The Dairy Shed to enjoy the refreshments — and the free water — after that long run. Teams come to get ice cream after a game to celebrate a win. Plenty of people walk down to The Dairy Shed on the last day of school to celebrate the beginning of summer, and people go straight from their dance class nearby to get a cold sweet treat after a hard day of dance. Most of the students at Bellbrook High School have been at least once, with many saying they go at least once a week while it’s open.

There are plenty of great personal memories to be told as well. Such as people going with old friends, sharing laughs with grandparents or children, getting asked out, having first dates, celebrating birthdays, going after church, and so many more. But how could you forget spilling your ice cream, then getting swarmed by yellow jackets? When asked what they love about The Dairy Shed, senior at Bellbrook High and Dairy Shed employee Kaitlyn Reed said, “The employees and all the customers are never really rude, they are always nice… it’s a really fun environment I always look forward to working in.” Fellow employee and senior Meredith Devine adds, ”And it’s just quite literally in the heart of Bellbrook — like you can’t miss it. People just drive by and recognize that they are open or closed.” People have come to know The Dairy Shed as the heart of Bellbrook, and The Bellbrook-Sugarcreek community looks forward to this season, and the many seasons to come.


One thought on “The Dairy Shed opens for 2022

  1. Great article!! We love the Dairy Shed, and it’s a regular stop when out on our 3 wheeled motorcycle.

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