Bellbrook seniors share post-secondary plans

By: Angelique Taylor 

Seniors Sav Higley and Ally Lewis, 2022 class president, share what they will be doing after graduation.

Sav Higley plans to attend Miami University and looks forward to the undergraduate research opportunities and networking. She wants to work for the government doing wildlife biology. She said, “I love animals and didn’t want to be a veterinarian. I enjoy specifically ecology.” She thinks Miami and OSU are probably the best education you could get in Ohio.

Ally Lewis will attend Ohio State University this fall. She said, “The main reason I chose OSU is because it’s the perfect combination of everything—not only do they have strong academics, but the student life is amazing, and I absolutely love the school’s spirited energy!” She plans to major in chemical engineering and is currently registered for the pre-engineering track. She will be admitted into her program in her second year. After graduating, she hopes to obtain a masters, and focus on small-scale ChemE research. She said, “Chemical engineering is a great option for me, not only because I enjoy calculus and chemistry, but because this field provides me with a range of options as I take the next steps into my future. Chemical engineering degrees provide people with a lot of diverse opportunities.”


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