SpaceX experiences a spaceXsplosion

By: Riley Hodges

On April 20, SpaceX launched their most powerful rocket “Starship” and it did not go to plan.

“Starship just experienced what we call a rapid unscheduled disassembly, or a RUD, during ascent,” said SpaceX engineer John Insprucker. In other words, it exploded. 

The test itself was a development test that was intended to collect data, so in this context it wasn’t a complete failure. In fact SpaceX has called it a complete success.

But the same can’t be said for three of the 33 Raptor engines that either shut down moments after launch or never even ignited. 

However, there are greater problems with the explosion of the biggest rocketship, like extensive environmental damage. A week later, debris is still washing up along the Texas shore, and miles of debris spread around surrounding sand dunes. 

Several fires were caused in the environment surrounding the launchpad, with one fire burning three acres of land. 

According to Eric Roesch, environmental compliance specialist, SpaceX didn’t take very many preventive measures that they should have. For example they did not have a flame trench that would have diverted most of the thrust that instead caused lots of fires. 

Roesch believes that SpaceX didn’t take these measures because of convenience and that they were too lazy to do it. 

Apparently, there was supposed to be a steel plate under the launchpad but it simply “wasn’t ready in time.” 

According to FAA, the environmental review that SpaceX gave them highly underestimated the power of the spaceship and so FAA has grounded the SpaceX program. In other words, they are forcing SpaceX to cooperate with federal and state governments to remove the debris and comply with the environmental reviews better.

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