Bellbrook Swim and Dive: The End of an Era

By: Carter Caldwell If you’ve been in Bellbrook for any of the past four years, chances are you’ve heard of Cody Bybee, John Sampson, and Cole Huggard.  These three swimmers, who have now reached the end of their high school careers, are single handedly responsible for giving Bellbrook a name in the swimming community.  Although Bellbrook was no stranger to the State Championships, coach Rob … Continue reading Bellbrook Swim and Dive: The End of an Era

Winter Olympics Recap

By: Carter Caldwell For fans of the Olympics, February did not disappoint.  Running from February 9 to February 25, the 2018 Winter Olympics for first-time host Pyeongchang, South Korea, were a wild ride from start to finish, featuring more events than ever before (102), including six entirely new events: big air snowboarding (men’s and women’s), mass start speed skating (men’s and women’s), doubles curling (mixed), … Continue reading Winter Olympics Recap

As Colder Weather Moves In, Winter Formal is Fast Approaching

By: Carter Caldwell In case the recent two-hour delays, early releases, and snow days haven’t tipped you off, winter has come to Bellbrook, Ohio.  Sure, it got a little caught up in the moment and got up above 50ºF the other day, but if the couple of inches of snow January 11 brought are any indicator, that was certainly a fluke. With the weather, of … Continue reading As Colder Weather Moves In, Winter Formal is Fast Approaching

Bellbrook Academic Team Debuts at Franklin, JV and Varsity Take Second

By: Carter Caldwell On January 11, the recently-revived Bellbrook High School Academic Team attended their first meet at Franklin High School, where they battled the teams of both Franklin and Valley View.  Both the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams have been practicing twice a week since October, trying to get an edge on the competition, but at the meet both teams were able to beat … Continue reading Bellbrook Academic Team Debuts at Franklin, JV and Varsity Take Second

2017: The Last Movies of the Year

By: Carter Caldwell As 2017 ends, a handful of films still are set to make their way into theaters.  Among these latecomers are The Disaster Artist, The Shape of Water, and Wonder Wheel, all of which were released on 1 December. Those coming up are I, Tonya and Just Getting Started are set to hit theaters on 8 December.  Neon Studio’s I, Tonya is the story of figure skater Tonya Harding, who … Continue reading 2017: The Last Movies of the Year

School-Wide Donation Project Begins

By: Carter Caldwell This holiday season, spread some joy by taking part in the school-wide Donation Drive for the Bellbrook Family Resource Center.  Recently, the senior hosts of our school podcast “The Egg” Jack Long and Megan Malas visited the Bellbrook Family Resource Center, where they learned of the Family Resource Center’s recurring inability to meet the needs of its patrons during the holiday season.  … Continue reading School-Wide Donation Project Begins

World Series Game 2: Astros Garner First Win

by: Carter Caldwell The ongoing World Series between The Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers is currently a toss up between the two teams, after the Astros won their first World Series game.  The game, which encompassed a total of 11 innings, was quite eventful: during the game, a fire caught on hills near the stadium, a drunken fan attempted to get into the … Continue reading World Series Game 2: Astros Garner First Win

Athletes of the Week: Caleb Stone and Steve Wellbaum

by: Carter Caldwell Even though the 2017 cross country season has drawn to a close for most of the athletes, proper recognition is still due to the athletes who began training in early August.  This week, one particular athlete, JV runner and junior Caleb Stone, talks about the season as whole, and how the seemingly individual sport really is a team effort. Stone, whose PR … Continue reading Athletes of the Week: Caleb Stone and Steve Wellbaum

Trump v. NFL Players: A Breakdown

by: Carter Caldwell In the wide world of politics, sports, entertainment, occupations, business, and countless other fields, the idea of any of them mixing is absurd, right? Apparently not, as evidenced by the ongoing situation regarding President Trump’s hearty disapproval of the recent athletes who have opted to kneel during the playing of the US National Anthem at their sporting events, especially in the NFL. … Continue reading Trump v. NFL Players: A Breakdown

Cleveland Sports Curse Over?

by Carter Caldwell After overcoming a 52-year championship drought in the 2016 NBA Finals, it seems that the city of Cleveland’s professional sports “curse” is over.  Two of the three teams often viewed as being “cursed,” the NBA Cavaliers  and the MLB Indians, have experienced surges of success since the Cavaliers won the Finals in 2016, with the Cavs going on to play again in … Continue reading Cleveland Sports Curse Over?