Welcome, Chileans

by Casey Murphy In September, Bellbrook became the home away from home for 12 visiting Chilean Exchange students from Thomas Jefferson High School. The students spent a week in Washington D.C. before traveling north to the suburbs of Ohio for a week and a half. This program has been sending exchange students through Thomas Jefferson School in Chile. Although Chile is 5,304 miles away, the Chilean … Continue reading Welcome, Chileans

Visit the Green Jewels of Bellbrook

by Casey Murphy Can’t think of anything fun to do this weekend with your friends? Visit the local parks! There are nine parks in Bellbrook/Sugarcreek that are full of awesome opportunities for photo taking and fun walks with friends! Bellbrock Park located: 57 North Main Street, Bellbrock Park is the center of our historical heritage and the Bellbrook Museum is located across from the park.  Bellbrock … Continue reading Visit the Green Jewels of Bellbrook

Apps to Make Students’ Lives Easier

by Emily Bunsold In this day and age, technology is an essential part of how we live our lives. Our computers, televisions, and cell phones all take part in making our lives easier. Some might argue that technology is doing nothing but distracting us from the real world and that we are better off without it, but in many ways, the apps we use on or … Continue reading Apps to Make Students’ Lives Easier

“Anything Goes” a Bonding Experience for Cast Members

By C.J. Destefani Bellbrook High School’s performance of Anything Goes, directed by Ms. Grace Brown, was a great success April 22-26. The audiences from all showings were very complimentary of the show and the talented direction of Ms. Brown. This was Ms. Brown’s first time directing a musical. The cast had a great time with the shows, and the seniors say they will miss the program next … Continue reading “Anything Goes” a Bonding Experience for Cast Members

Debunking Popular Pinterest Projects

By: Emily Bunsold There are millions (and counting) of people who have joined Pinterest since the app came out in 2012. Since then, people have been using Pinterest to find recipes, workout plans, and helpful tips for everyday life. When someone “pins” something like an interesting do-it-yourself idea, the picture can go viral, popping up on everyone’s dashboard, but are these popular pins really achievable? … Continue reading Debunking Popular Pinterest Projects

Is Lebron James Feuding with Kevin Love?

By Maria Gerbic Lebron James’s tweet from Saturday night, February 7, prior to Cleveland’s 120-105 victory over the Lakers, has stirred quite the controversy over teammates and media alike, who claimed that it targeted James’s teammate, Kevin Love.  James originally denied that the tweet, which said, “Stop trying to find a way to FIT-OUT and just FIT-IN. Be apart [sic] of something special! Just my … Continue reading Is Lebron James Feuding with Kevin Love?