Looking for ways to get involved at BHS? Look no further!

by Emily Bunsold

Colleges love to see that their future students got involved and obtained service hours for their community during high school. It shows character and that students are well-rounded. So why not get an early start and join some of the clubs at Bellbrook High School this year? Student Government, Partnership for Success, and Key Club are just a few out of the many that will help you build up a diverse resume.

  • Art Club: An opportunity to express your creativity with other people who share the same passion as you! And don’t worry, you don’t have to be some sort of Picasso to join. All students welcome! See Mrs. Fogarty or Mrs. Hensley for details.
  • International Club: If you’ve ever been interested in other parts of the world, this club is the place to go. Unlike last year when BHS only offered Spanish and French club, now they’re combining the two and even adding a new language: Chinese. Students get to learn the different cultures by experiencing the different languages, traditions, and even foods of the different countries. See a language teacher for details.
  • Key Club and Partnership for Success (PfS): These two are very similar in the way that opens up some major opportunities to obtain service hours and help out in the community by service projects and just helping out in the other Bellbrook schools. See Mrs. Sumner for details on PFS and Ms. Sanderman for Key Club.
  • Student government: Student government is one of the prime ways to get involved in the high school. In the past, student government has always included two reps for each mentor, but when less than half of the reps showed up to the meeting, it was time for a change. Now, there are many different committees students can join. It’s open to all that want to come and help out. Homecoming and Spirit Committees are already rolling with ideas, but it’s never too late to join! See Ms. Bills-Tenney if you have any questions.

Most of these clubs have already had their first meetings, so hurry up and join so that you’re not missing out on any opportunities to get involved with your school.


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