DIY with Emily: Keep Your Locker Organized

by Emily Bunsold

Exactly one month into the school year here at Bellbrook High School, many students have already taken on loads of homework, their first of many tests, and maybe even a couple of school projects, and with all these stressful tasks, even the most neat and tidy of students can lose track of their supplies. So I’ve thought up a few ideas that can completely transform your locker into a lean, mean, organizing machine. Even for those poor freshmen that have to deal with those super-compact lockers for a year, these tips will work.


First, I’ll give you an overview of my very own locker before jumping into all the specifics. I have four “sections” to my locker; one that holds my books, binders and notebooks, all of my “extra” supplies for school, and lastly, my backpack. On the inside of the door I stuck a magnetic basket that I put all my extra pens and pencils in if the ones in my pencil bag ever break, or if I lend one to a classmate and never get it back. Also, there are a few magnets if I need to hang any permission slips on the inside of my locker so that I won’t forget to take them to class.


Starting with probably the first thing you might see if you open up locker is that magnetic pencil basket and magnets (all bought at Target). But also, I thought of a way that might help you get to your bus or car a little faster at the end of the day. On the inside of my locker door, in erasable marker of course, I wrote the numbers 1-7 symbolizing all my different classes I have throughout the day in chronological order: first period I have psychology, second I have AP environmental science, third is English, etc.. Then, I write the actual supplies I need for that class for homework that night (binder, notebook, folder, etc.). All the specifics for the homework I put in my agenda. If I don’t have any homework for that class, I’ll put a dash by the number so I know not to take anything home that I don’t need. Then the next morning when I get to school, I’ll just erase everything but the numbers so I can start with a clean slate.


On the very top shelf is just where I store my schoolbooks. I find it more efficient to store books upright with the binding facing toward me. This allows me to grab my books easier without tearing up the pages.


On the second shelf of my locker is where I like to put my binders, folders, and notebooks. Personally, I don’t color code my school supplies. I think it’s more fun to have pops of color, and besides, having a bright yellow binder for math makes Algebra 2 a little less painful, if that’s even possible. There’s no really wrong way to organize this section except for, like my books, keeping the binding facing toward you.


Usually, the lockers at Bellbrook only offer two shelves, and three hooks. But after this quick tip to make an extra shelf for even MORE organization and storage how could you not use it?! Basically, I bought a white locker shelf from Target and originally, I would put it at the bottom of my locker to store extra paper or books, but bending down all the time was annoying and tedious. So I thought who wouldn’t want to do a little less work when it comes to high school? All I did was flip that locker shelf upside down, and by using the two side hooks, suspended it and voilà! You instantly have an extra shelf to create more room in your already-crowded locker. This shelf is where I hang all of my more lightweight school supplies like my lunch, makeup bag, agenda, pencil case, calculators, and phone (when I’m not on it).


And who could forget only the MOST essential supply you need for school? Your backpack! The extra space at the bottom of my locker is where I store mine.

With all these tips, those extremely short four minutes between classes will feel effortless now that you don’t have to shovel through your locker to find your English paper that’s due next period. It’ll make that sprint from the health room to the other side of the school and back a breeze.


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