2013-2014 State Report Card moves BHS Up in the Ranks

by Anna Starkey

The 2013-2014 State of Ohio School Report Cards are out, meaning that once again Bellbrook High School has moved up in the rankings of Ohio’s best schools with its outstanding straight-A record.

The Ohio Report Card assigns school districts, as well as the individual schools within the district, a letter grade, A through F, in six distinct areas: Achievement, Progress, Graduation Rate, Gap Closing, K-3 Literacy, and Preparedness for Success. BHS has once again received straight A’s in its categories of Achievement, Gap Closing, Preparedness for Success, and Graduation Rate, meaning that the overall average for the school is an A.  As far as statistics go, a 100% was given in the category of State Indicators Met as well as a 112.1 out of 120.0 Performance Index Score, which measures the state test results for every student.  Other significant  scores include a  4-year graduation rate of 98.4%, a mean ACT score of 24.3, and an AP test score with 3+ rate of 86%.

The achievements of the students and faculty in Bellbrook have not gone unnoticed.  They have allowed BHS to jump up from 17th to 14th Best Public High School in Ohio while remaining 1st in Greene County and 2nd in Dayton, falling only behind Oakwood.  Although this ranking is seen as sufficient to most outsiders, those inside the school do not feel the same way.  “There is always room for improvement, especially if it involves beating Oakwood,” agreed Senior football player, Cayton Lindsey.

For more information regarding the 2013-2014 BHS Report Card:



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