Colorado Welcomes Bellbrook’s ROTC

By Sarah Rovinsky Bellbrook’s AFJROTC’s annual trip to Colorado was a success! Cadets spent 5 stress-free days enjoying the scenery,warm weather, and making memories. Here are the highlights. Day 1: After arriving at the airport at 5 a.m., and a short flight following, the students departed for the Air Force Academy for a tour and lunch. Students on campus gave personal tours to our cadets. … Continue reading Colorado Welcomes Bellbrook’s ROTC

Bellbrook Teacher Organizes Pie Day 5K

By Sarah Rovinsky March 14, BHS teacher Pam Schultz hosted a 5k.  Participants walked following a path mapped out inside the high school.  Anyone interested met in Mrs. Schultz’s room (146), willing to walk 7 laps around the building and finish in about 45 minutes.  Water, grapes, cheese, and pie in honor of Pi Day were provided. Mrs. Schultz collected donations with the money going to the Larry … Continue reading Bellbrook Teacher Organizes Pie Day 5K

Unlike “Fetch,” the Mean Girls Musical is Happening

by Kasen Stephensen Tina Fey confirmed that a Broadway Musical inspired by the 2004 pop classic “Mean Girls” is in the works. The original cast, including Tina Fey, will not be recalled to reclaim their roles. Fey hopes to cast some “interesting people no one has seen before.” Fey is collaborating with her husband, and composer Jeff Richmond as well as the lyricist Nell Benjamin.  The … Continue reading Unlike “Fetch,” the Mean Girls Musical is Happening

The Hypocrisy of Chris Rock and the Oscars

On February 28, 2016, comedian Chris Rick hosted the 88th Annual Academy Awards amidst accusations that the Academy lacked diversity and left out African-Americans from nominations. Some African-American actors like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith boycotted the awards show. It was surprising then that Chris Rock, who is also African-American, would go forward and tell a racist joke against Asians. In setting up the … Continue reading The Hypocrisy of Chris Rock and the Oscars

Officer Peter Liang – Scapegoat?

by Henry Wong Rookie NYPD Officer Peter Liang was convicted of manslaughter on February 11 for killing unarmed African-American Akai Gurley in a Brooklyn housing project. Liang awaits sentencing on April 14, 2016, and could face a maximum of 15 years in prison for second-degree manslaughter charges. He was also found guilty of official misconduct for not helping 28-year old Gurley after he was wounded … Continue reading Officer Peter Liang – Scapegoat?

Spotting the Spotted…Salamander

By Anna Starkey For a brief moment each year, a creature of the mud slowly emerges, ready to partake in its annual journey.  This migration is not for food, nor is it for a warm winter home.  Instead, the small, slimy creature chases streams, searching for an ideal body of water to lay its young.  This creature is the spotted salamander, and it has eluded Bellbrook High … Continue reading Spotting the Spotted…Salamander

Kathryn Smith Makes NFL History as First Female Coach

By: Harmony Takhar It seems women are making history everyday. Becky Hammon made history in the NBA last year by being the first female coach. This year, Kathryn Smith is making history by being the first female coach in the NFL. She is the assistant coach to the Bills and appointed to a special teams quality-control role. Smith is originally from New York and attended … Continue reading Kathryn Smith Makes NFL History as First Female Coach

Bridget Richards: Ice-Skating Superstar

By: Harmony Takhar February 20, 2016 an ice-skating competition took place here in Ohio. Our very own senior, Bridget Richards, took second place with her team. I had the opportunity to ask the skater a few questions on her and her passion for her sport. When did you start ice-skating? In second grade with public lessons. What influenced you to skate? I saw videos of Michelle … Continue reading Bridget Richards: Ice-Skating Superstar

Need Six More Hours of Service?

by Elaine King As fourth quarter hits, so do the final stages of Senioritis. College pick? Check. FAFSA? Check. Roommate? Kind of. Your six hours of service required to graduate? YIKES! At Bellbrook High School it is a requirement that all students complete six hours of volunteer work during their Senior year in order to graduate. NHS will begin a new program called Saturday Enrichment. … Continue reading Need Six More Hours of Service?